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A Dating Site Doing it Right

Dating for Catholic singles has plenty of challenges. Your values shouldn't be one of them. Find someone who shares your faith and helps you be the best version of yourself!


The best chemistry is found in our common love of Jesus Christ. That's Catholic Chemistry and it's what we're all about. Our mission is to facilitate friendships, marriages, and wholesome relationships that glorify God.

How do we do this?

We're Catholic and our faith informs everything we do: how we word our profile questions, how we advertise, the catechetical info we infuse across the site, our discernment page, and more. Even little things, like quoting scripture in our terms of service.

More opportunities for meaningful connections: for example, our "Which is more you?" questions are a fun and interactive feature (we'll be expanding this feature more). Another example is we've turned most member content into conversation starters with our "Respond to this" feature.

A modern and attractive interface: easy to use and navigate, beautiful and minimalistic. Our profiles are concise: for example, is eye color really a deal breaker? Then why do other sites clutter your profile—your chance to express yourself—with such superficialities?

We're just getting started, have many development plans, and are very interested in feedback from our members as we continue to improve. Please don't hesitate to send us your thoughts and comments. We're happy to hear from you!

Catholic Chemistry understands the importance of Christ-centered relationships and knows you do too. This understanding is what informs everything we do.