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Sanctity of Marriage

By Karlo Broussard
Karlo Broussard explaining Sanctity of Marriage

Marriage is the free total, faithful, and fruitful lifelong commitment of one man and one woman, ie, the rejection of non conjugal unions, contraception, forced or open marriages.

In the video below, Catholic apologist and speaker Karlo Broussard briefly explains faith question #3: Sanctity of Marriage, one of the faith related questions you’ll find on CatholicChemistry.com dating profiles.


God has inscribed within our sexuality a natural directedness to procreation and unitive love. And the only type of sexual union that is consistent with these two purposes is a life-long commitment between one man and one woman that is ordered to the generation and education of children, what has been traditionally called “marriage.” Therefore, all forms of sexual coercion, fornication, masturbation, contraception, or same-sex sexual activity, are offenses against our human dignity.

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