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Why “Meet Good Catholics”?

By Chuck Gallucci
Meet Good Catholics

If you’re Catholic and single, chances are you’ve been asked this before: “Why don’t you find a good Catholic man/woman?” Your response, of course, is, “Because they don’t exist!” Well, at least sometimes, that’s what you feel like saying. It’s a common frustration of single Catholics who try to navigate their lives through a modern dating world. Why does it seem so hard to find someone who shares your faith? And is single. And easy on the eyes. And…

We launched CatholicChemistry.com with the slogan, “Meet Good Catholics” because we figured these three words would resonate with Catholic singles. It’s what we all want right? Not just a relationship, but a relationship that satisfies as faith satisfies. St. Augustine sums it up nicely, “You created us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” It only makes sense then that we would want to spend our lives with someone who’ll rest with us in the love of God rather than lead us perilously away from it.

A healthy and satisfying relationship requires that the couple share common goals, and what better common goal than heaven?! That’s what CatholicChemistry is all about: “Our mission is to facilitate friendships, marriages, and wholesome relationships that glorify God.” And while the grocery store, cafe, or St. [fill in the saint]’s parish are still great places to meet someone, we knew there was a great need for a high-quality online dating site where like-minded singles could—meet good Catholics. So, that’s what we set out to do. The response has been fantastic: members signing in for the first time are surprised to see, not another dated website, but a fun, attractive, and feature-rich modern dating platform that has Catholic written all over it.  And we’re only just getting started.

But “good” Catholics? Doesn’t that come off a bit presumptuous and holier-than-thou-ish? The very first profile question you’ll see when joining CatholicChemistry.com addresses that and will be the topic of my next post.

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Meet Good Catholics

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