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How to Choose a First Date Location like a Boss

By Matt Dawson
First Date Location

Let’s talk about a very simple and central concept in dating: location. At some point in the process of getting a date, you have to invite the woman to meet you at a place. Where should you invite her?

It’s not as simple of a question as it may at first seem. The right place can make you and your date feel confident, comfortable, and happy. You might even impress a date, just with the location you picked. Other places might stress you out, keep you from being able to focus on one another, or just not offer a decent place to sit. In short, location can make or break a date, and so it is helpful to have a variety of good options at the ready, should the opportunity arise to ask a lady out.

Well, do you know what’s a pretty good way to find out what restaurants, coffee shops, and bars are the best ones?

Go to a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.

That’s right, you heard it here first. Take friends. Or go by yourself. Yes, pull up a stool at the bar – maybe all alone after work one night, like some degenerate alcoholic. Watch the game, relax, and get a feel for the place. Maybe even build a little rapport with the bartender; get their name, tip them well, so you’re treated like friends if you bring a date (tip well also just be a decent person; bartending is hard work).

Another benefit to learning about different places that you might be interested in taking a date is that you can see the menu. It’s a great feeling to have a go-to drink, and it’s also a baller move to have a recommendation for your date. When you’re on a first date, you want to concentrate on the person across from/next to you, and not spend precious time trying to decipher menus.

By the way, menus are under-rated for how confusing they can be. One time on a date, I was a bit flustered and ordered what turned out to be a pink drink in a delicate long-stemmed glass with a cute, spiraling fruit peel coming out of it. I felt compromised in that situation, and very betrayed by the bartender. Don’t let this be you; know your menus!

So that’s my main advice for the day. Ask foodie friends for suggestions on places to try out. Then, put boots on the ground, get out there, and order a lot of drinks and appetizers. That’s your homework. You can do this!

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