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What NOT to Do on a Catholic Date

By Melissa Guerrero

So, you finally scored a date with that special person you’ve had your eye on. Congratulations! If you’re the date planner, you may have been thinking about where to take them ever since this idea popped up in your mind. We know that first dates can be completely nerve-wreaking and even overwhelming but they need not be.

We, here at CatholicChemistry, want you to have the best time possible on your date so here are 5 tips on what NOT to do on one of your dates*.

1. Douse them with holy water.

No, not even if you just want to make sure they won’t melt like the Wicked Witch of the West, refrain from doing this.

2. Bring a priest along as your chaperone.

You’ll be giving off the wrong impression. Unless you want to put a ring on it, leave all Roman-collared chaperones at their respective homes.

3. Take them to eat meat on a Friday, especially during Lent.

Yes, you can still go on a date on Friday, just avoid the wrath of PETA – and, potentially, your date – by skipping steakhouses and burgers on this day.

4. Go to a cemetery.

Yes, you can get indulgences on All Souls Day. Yes, Memento Mori is a good thing we Catholics should take seriously. However, if you do this on any other day and it’s one of your first dates, you will creep out the nice boy/girl.

5. Tell them God told you that they are your future spouse.

Unless you truly did hear God tell you, in a clear voice, that they are to be your forever honey bunny, it’s best not to bring this up. Yes, this includes saying, “I think God’s will for us to get married.”

If you can avoid doing these 5 things, we’re sure you’ll have a great time. Even if the date doesn’t go as planned, you’ll still be able to say you didn’t commit these date faux pas. **


* CatholicChemistry is not responsible for any consequences for not taking our advice by trying to prove us wrong.

** The writer also refuses to say whether these examples were taken from real-life date experiences.

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