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5 Dating Tips to Move the Relationship Forward

By Melissa Guerrero
Move the Relationship Forward

So, you’ve been getting to know someone for a while and things are going along swimmingly. That’s fantastic!  But while some things come to us easily once we’re dating someone with whom we really “click” with, there are things we may forget to do.

It’s totally normal, especially since many of us practically reside on Cloud 9 when this happens. Don’t worry, we at Catholic Chemistry have your back! Here are 5 things to consider doing once you’re exclusive.

1.  Take Down Your Dating Profile…

… especially if you met online. Unfortunately, one of the many (true) stereotypes is that young people often don’t want to commit to something out of FOMO (fear of missing out).

If you’re already seeing someone whom you’re having a good time with, shut that profile down! Don’t keep it open “just in case” it doesn’t work out or “just in case” someone else comes along.

Don’t go there!

The only thing you will potentially miss out on is getting to know a great person who is all right for you. Focus on your discernment with the person without any added temptation.

2. Set Boundaries

Talk about what your comfort levels are regarding topics such as physical signs of affection, the time you spend together (how much is too much or too little), and anything else that you consider important.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to speak up and tell the fella in your life what you’re uncomfortable with. A great guy will respect those boundaries. Fellas, don’t be afraid to do the same with the ladies in your lives. Also, don’t be ashamed of respecting those boundaries.

I know that our current culture idolizes the “hook-up” culture and really gets down on guys who “don’t score” but let them say what they will. Your morals (and souls!) are much more important than what anyone else thinks and says.

3. Have “The Talk.”

Guys, I know that sounds scary but it really isn’t. If you already haven’t, DTR: define the relationship. Define your relationship.

Do you both consider yourselves to be exclusive (or “going steady” as they once called it)? If you feel like the person you’re seeing may be that special someone you’ve been waiting for, be honest about it.

The discernment process can be beautiful (and painless) if you’re both on the same page about where you see yourselves headed together.

4. Do Volunteer Work Together

This is something I’ve heard from many couples with successful marriages. If you want to learn more about the person you’re seeing, do volunteer work with them.


Because in marriage you’ll both have to work together as a team. Think the running of a household and a family can be done by a single person?

Negative, my friends.

Even if someone were to try, they would eventually need help. Learn how to work as a team now and work out who does what best before you get any more serious. 

5. Babysit a Friend’s Baby or Children.

Don’t have time to do much volunteer work together? Consider babysitting a friend’s baby or their children together. Again, it goes back to being able to work together as a team.

Not only that, you’ll get a glimpse at what kind of parent your significant other may be and vice versa. You get some practice in the parenting department, you learn more about each other, and your friend gets a date night with their spouse (or a much-needed luxurious bath and/or nap).

It’s a win-win situation for all!

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