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Video and voice chat

Having problems with your camera or microphone when using video chat? Here are some things you can try:

Check your computer's settings
  • Check your computer and browser settings to make sure your browser and video calling have permission to access your camera and microphone.
  • Check that your camera and microphone are turned on. Close other programs that may already be using your camera/microphone.
  • Make sure your microphone isn't on mute
Restart your browser/computer
  • Close your browser and restart your computer.
Check your internet connection
  • Make sure you are connected to the interet. If your connection is too slow, try restarting your modem/router and reconnecting to your Wi-Fi network.
Ask the person you're chatting with to check their settings and internet connection
  • If you cant see or hear the person you're trying to chat with, ask them try the steps listed above.
Still having issues?
If you're still experiencing a problem, use the contact form to report a problem.