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Why can't I see anyone's photos?
Most likely you just need to upload a profile photo of your own. Uploading a profile photo is required in order to view anyone else's photo.
Reseting your password and updating your email address
If you're signed in, go to your profile menu and click Settings >> My account >> Password / Email. If you're not signed in, you'll see a "Forgot password" link in the sign in dialog box. Click this link and we'll email you a link to rest your password.
How do I change my answer to one of my "Which is more you?" questions?
This can be done by going to your profile menu and clicking "My profile", scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see a list all "Which is more you" questions. Clicking an option you've already selected will toggle it and remove your selection.
Sending and receiving messages
There are many ways to spark a conversation. Use the "message" button on any profile to open a chat window, your message inbox next to your profile menu, or any of the numerous "respond to this" links across the site to help you break the ice.
Reporting a problem user
Every profile has a reporting menu next to the "like" and "message" buttons. Use this menu to hide, block, or report a member. We take take all reports very seriously and respond/act in a timely manner.